Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa! Welcome back!

We are currently having new carpet installed around the Library Service Desk area and environs as I blog so it should be even easier to spot us when you come in the main door. Things are still pretty quiet as we gear up for the new semester but if you want to check out our resources early we are now open for business.


Use the Library website to help you find information and search databases

or dive straight in and

  • Search Primo  to find resources on your topic.
  • Browse our Subject Guides for databases and more on your topic.
  • See our How do I’s  to find out how to use our Self check machine and much much more.

If you prefer the personal touch we are only too pleased to assist you at the Library Service Desk.

Our opening hours for January are Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

You can also email us at or phone us at 940 8089.

Come in and see us today!

Squee! It’s official – Twerk & Selfie are real words!

I think this is buzzworthy but apols if you already knew that the Oxford Dictionaries is constantly updated to include new words. If you suffer FOMO and want to be sure you’re up with the latest lingo, check out the August 2013 dictionary additions.

Wondering how they decide how to add a new word to the Oxford Dictionaries? It’s explained here.

Obvs, it’s not smart to use some of these slang words in a formal situation but srsly, common usage makes it ok to use them in casual chat among other geek chic. For your assignments however, I recommend using the more traditional Oxford English Dictionary (OED). The OED is regarded as the accepted authority for the meaning, history, and pronunciation of the English language whereas Oxford Dictionaries is all about the current, popular usage of language. 

Image  Image

Both dictionaries are available online but you can avoid confusion by using the Library to access the more formal OED. Just click the Subject Guides & Databases link on the CPIT Library home page  then select the Encyclopedias & Dictionaries guide, where you’ll find the OED listed. Bookmark that page or add it to your Favourites – it’ll be totes handy for assignments!

If you prefer a print dictionary, you’ll find one beside each of the “stand-up” permanently logged in computers, some in the Reference Collection (in the orange room behind the Library service desk) and lots more upstairs on the general shelves at PE1625-PE1628. 



Happy 2013

Happy New Year and welcome back! Hope everyone has had a relaxing break – read a good book; watched a movie; downloaded some cool new apps; and discovered some new neat places in Christchurch.

There will be some changes in the Library at the start of the term. We are installing a new self issue machine which will allow you to take out a pile of books at once, rather than one at a time. It operates in the same way as the Christchurch City Libraries, using RFID technology.

Taking books out will be quicker and easier, leaving library staff with more time to help you find the information you need, introduce you to the subject guides, help you with referencing, and answer any questions you may have.

Student in shelves2_522

Good luck with your new year resolutions, ours is to help you succeed…one assignment at a time.

Where is the best place to find New Zealand information?

  Checkout our recommended databases  in the Aotearoa / New Zealand subject guides and   simplify your search for New Zealand information.

Within these recommended databases you will see:

Find NZ articles using National Library Beta Search

National Library’s new search facility still in Beta mode contains a mega search of most of its existing databases including Index New Zealand, Timeframes, Papers past and many digitised resources in the National Digital Heritage Archive. Read more about what is in National Library Beta here.

    When you search National Library Beta, you will be provided with a list of options on the left hand side to further refine your search by journal articles, images, books, websites, and much much more.

Other good sources of New Zealand resources include:

New Zealand Libraries which allows you to search all the libraries in New Zealand at once.

Matapihi which is another National Library resource containing  images and audio files from New Zealand archives, museums, etc.

NZ Research which is source of New Zealand universities and polytechnics research output.

Press Display which will give you newspapers in full text. Search title / by country / New Zealand to view New Zealand newspapers. Though you cannot search Press display by keyword, you can use National Library Beta to find NZ newspaper articles then locate these in Press display which generally shows papers from 3 months ago to current date.

For even more sources be sure to check out Databases/ Articles  and Websites in our Aotearoa / New Zealand subject guide

Finding databases and online resources

Just looking to search your favourite database? Looking for an e-book or online journal?

Use the Library Subject Guides

From the Library home-page  click on

 All Databases and online Encyclopedias and Dictionaries are listed under the General heading


The individual Subject Guides also provide access to databases, and resources specific to your subject area and on the left hand side of each page there is also a link back to the list of all Databases.

The Guides are designed to help you quickly and effectively find the information and resources most  relevant to your study. Please let us know what you think, or if you have any suggestions for resources we could include. Leave us a comment, or email

Designing for Christchurch

This week CPIT hosts projects featuring ideas for Christchurch by students of Victoria University’s School of Architecture.The projects will be on display in the Rakaia Atrium at CPIT from December 8 – 16.

These projects are the work of 4th year Architectural Studies Masters students who were in Christchurch earlier this year.

As part of their studio project they worked with selected Architectural practices from Christchurch, Wellington and Melbourne. Some of the project ideas are ‘Gap Fillers’ around the city. All the ideas provide a vision of what could be…..

Designing for Christchurch

PITCH Fashion

Come along to the Rakaia Centre on Saturday night to witness the talent and skills of CPIT fashion students in PITCH 2011.

Two shows –  7pm and 9pm on Saturday 3rd December – showcase the work of first, second, and third year students, and provides the opportunity to see the work of young CPIT designers who go on to make a difference in the world of fashion.

Earlier this year Georgia Currie won the WestPac Young Designer Award during New Zealand Fashion Week 2011.

Georgia Currie's winning creation

Check out the Library’s Fashion Subject Guide to see what is new in the collection, and where to find relevant books and journals.

Recent additions to the collection include:

Black, S. (2011). Eco-chic: the fashion paradox

Jeffrey, M. & Evans, N. (2011). Costing for the fashion industry

Welters, L. & Lillethun, A.(2011). The fashion reader

Start Here

The Library has developed a set of Subject Guides to help you find information for assignments and study.

Stat here when looking for books, journals and articles about midwifery

Each page brings together the books, databases and websites relevant to your study, and provides updates on new book titles, and other libary resources.  

The Subject Guides are found on the Library and Learning Services website.

Look for the icon on the right-hand menu.    

New books and resources are featured, and guides to the best databases and websites to use. We are keen to hear what else you would like to see on these pages, so take a look and either send us an email   or comment here on the Blog.