The Book as Art – Artist’s Book Art Exhibition

Carpe Librum: Seize the book


Books are so much more than the written words or narrative they contain and our relationships with them are multifarious. Whilst books are carriers of information and imagery they are also something higher than their original function. Books have an elegance as an object and feel satisfying within our hands, but in Carpe Librum we see books as artistic enterprise.

All the books exhibited have been conceived and made by artists. To make a book the students have had to learn; hand binding and stitching, and utilise folding and pressing and precision techniques to make artist’s books that have been created as artworks in their own right. They are diverse in their design and materials used as well as subject matter. The artist’s books on display are a selection of works that have been produced by students from Ara Art & Design programme: second year combined print and bookbinding elective and works from a first year Visual Communication class.

The altered books have been created by staff from Ara Art & Design. The artists were asked to select a decommissioned book from Ara, Institute of Canterbury’s Library. The altered books provide an opportunity for the artists to think creatively and work with the book as an object as well as the content that lies within.

Artists: Bruce Aitken, Wendy Clarke, Julie Humby, Carol King, Kim Lowe, John Maillard, Deborah Marshall, Michael Reed, Stefan Roberts, Jane Schollum, Henry Sunderland and Kiri Te Wake, contribute to Carpe Librum.

As an art curator, artist and librarian Carpe Librum is a show after my own heart, and it is a pleasure to be part of the huge variety of events that make up WORD Christchurch 2016 Writers & Readers Festival, sharing our love for words, images and the form of the book.

Visit the exhibition at Art Box on our City Campus

showwideview wendy

Photos courtesy of Stefan Roberts, work above by Wendy Clarke “…the word became flesh”   (2016) Mixed media

Going for Gold

wrestling-680052_1280Unless you have been asleep under a rock for the last few days you will know that the 2016 Olympics and Para Olympics have begun in Rio.

You are welcome to come and watch this magnificent variety of sporting events unfold on our big screen in the library. We are now open from 7am-8pm Monday to Friday and 10-5pm Saturday as well as 12-5pm Sunday.

Investigate what is being written about the athletes competing in Rio and the 2016 hosting of the Olympic Games by using our database SPORTDiscus. All you need is your Ara login and password to access articles.


Fantastic Friday

saying-1208974_1280Good news! From this Friday, 5th August, the City Campus library will be open until 8pm on Fridays. We’ve had a number of requests for this, and we’re happy we’re finally able to provide extended hours.

Student Assistants will be available after 5pm, to help with printing, copying, binding, access to computers, and all the library’s physical resources. You’ll also be able to borrow laptops and headphones to use in the library.


Access to the campus buildings is by swipe card only after 6pm on Fridays, so remember to bring your card.

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We look forward to seeing you on Friday – clear up all that study early, and enjoy your weekend!