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Tautua nei mo sou manuia a taeao : Serve now for a better tomorrow

 Tālofa lava

human rights commission

Tautua nei mo sou manuia a taeao : Serve now for a better tomorrow is the 2015 theme for Sāmoan Language Week which is on the 24-30 May.

Samoan is the third most spoken language in New Zealand, with 144,000 people at the last Census identifying as Samoan. It is also the second most spoken language in Auckland.

Watch the Ministry of Pacific Affairs facebook for their “Say it in Samoan” series of video support for gagana Sāmoa during Samoan Language Week.

Free Gagana Samoa course at CPIT in July

Next free class on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th July, 9am – 3pm. (School holiday break)

I recently took part in a FREE gagana Sāmoa course here at CPIT dynamically taught by multitalented  Jason Tiatia who  also happens to be the head coach for the Canterbury Men’s Rugby Sevens team and New Zealand Sevens men’s skills coach for the Canterbury region. Well versed in motivational coaching, Jason applies all these skills in teaching gagana also, so you can be assured of a fun-filled, action-packed class where you will :

  • learn pronunciation of gagana Sāmoa
  • participate in prayer / tatalo and song / pese
  • learn basic cultural protocols / aganu’u or fa’aaloalo.

Jason also introduced us to some digital games online at You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to access the simple games to help you learn some basic pronunciation.

Digital dialects games

So if you happen to have a spare couple of days in July or September (school holidays this year) take the opportunity to learn gagana Sāmoa. It is particularly useful for students of broadcasting and those who will work in the health services. See CPIT Short courses under Pacific language and courses for details to book yourself on the upcoming FREE PASF111 Gagana Samoa course in July. Note date on the website maybe incorrect and should be Thursday 9th and Friday 10th July, 9am – 3pm.

Sāmoan language week at CPIT

Monday / Aso gafua : Opening in the Madras Campus atrium 12-1pm

Tuesday / Aso lua : Look out for the ula lole sweet necklace language challenge.

Wednesday / Aso lulu: Ta’aloga /Sports in the Whareora – traditional Sāmoan softball

Thursday / Aso tofi : Me’ai Sāmoa / Sāmoan cuisine in the Madras Campus atrium 12-1pm

Friday / Aso faraile : Fa’ai’uga / closing ceremony in the Madras Campus atrium 12-1PM

Saturday / Aso To’ona’i : Raising bilingual children model in Te Puna Wānaka at 4PM – Au fetau : group of Sāmoan and non Sāmoan parents raising their children in the language and sharing traditional culture and blending it into everyday life.

Samoan newspapers at National Library

News about Samoa (and the rest of the Pacific) has always been available from the New Zealand newspapers on Papers Past, but now you can go to the source and search or browse Samoan newspapers as they were published.

Samoan resources at CPIT

You can always find Papers Past in the Pasifika subject guide.

Find some of the Samoan books we have recently added to our Pasifika Collection.

Take the opportunity this Sāmoan Language Week at CPIT to share a little gagana Sāmoa with your friends.

Vaai fa’alelei lou soifua!   (Take good care of your health)

Ia manuia le aso!                  (Have a nice day)