Maori Language Week

Greetings to all Staff and Students of CPIT.

This week is Māori Language Week, it’s about learning and speaking the native language of New Zealand no matter how little or big.  The core subject is ‘The Language of Food’.

Everyday an ‘Elink’ is sent to ALL staff and a newsletter has been posted to ‘moodle’ for students on campus with day of the week, greetings, proverbs and the days event.

The Library has great resources for beginners to advance speakers.  Throughout the year we have full & part-time courses available also.
Contact Te Puna Wānaka

Ph:  039408631

Shhh! It’s a Library

Quiet study area

Over the years Libraries have changed. Gone are the days of quiet whispering, and the image of the Librarian stern-faced, with a finger raised against their lips. The Library has become much more of a social, collaborative learning space, somewhere to track down resources, prepare for a presentation, conduct research, meet friends, work in small groups, share ideas, or type up an assignment.

At CPIT the Library has tried to accomodate the changing needs of students with group study rooms, quieter study areas on the second floor, the provision of collaborative computer workspace, and  increased access to wifi for laptop use. But..with increased student numbers, and limited study space, finding somewhere for traditional quiet study is increasingly hard.

We have decided to designate L122 the smaller of the three computer suites in the Library, as a quiet study zone.

There are three computer suites in the library. The Pod, L131 and L122. The POD has 24hour access, and L131 is designed as a teaching suite, but when it is not booked for classes it is available as a student computer suite. L122 is a smaller suite with 12 computers and a small study desk. This is considered a quiet study zone. Please respect the need to keep this room free from conversation, phone calls and collaborative study. Use one of the other suites if you need to talk.

As with all of our computer suites – no food is allowed in this room. Drink in a sealed container is ok.

 There is also a small quiet study room on the ground floor adjacent to the service desk. It has no computers, but has individual study carrels.