On a Saturday Night

On a Saturday Night    Book launch this Friday!

Text by Michele Frey and Sara Newman
Photographs  by John O’Malley and our own CPIT Senior Lecturer in Photography,
John Maillard

Book coverOn a Saturday Night is a warm and colourful celebration of the strength and spirit of small towns all around New Zealand.  From Whakapara in the north to Mossburn in the south, community halls have been the focal point of small towns for as long as the towns have been on the map.

The stunning photography by John O’Malley (North Island) and John Maillard (South Island) capture the essence of what each hall has meant to its community.  The stories and pictures have recorded an aspect of New Zealand’s unique culture that seems to be passing into history.

Check here for more information and to see if your home town hall has been photographed for this book.

Book launch at CPIT library 

5pm this Friday, 30th November, CPIT library, Rakaia Centre

You are warmly invited to come and hear guest speaker and book photographer, John Maillard, and celebrate the launch of On a Saturday Night. Wine and nibbles will be offered and books will be available for purchase.


John Maillard and Michele Frey have collaborated on other publications. These are available in the CPIT Library:
Native by Design: Landscape design with New Zealand plants (2011)

Living with Natives: New Zealanders talk about their love of native plants (2008).


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