Chris Reddington’s sound sculpture concept Song Song (A Musical Bridge) has been selected as CPIT’s earthquake commemoration artwork.

The commemoration artwork was an initiative of the CPIT council. The judging panel consisted of CPIT Chief Executive Kay Giles, CPIT Council member Lynne Harata Te Aika , artist Neil Dawson and CPIT tutor/artist Bing Dawe.

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Ka kite Lincoln

On Wednesday last week, Library and Learning Services made the decision to stop services at Lincoln University and will move back to Madras Street permanently on July 4th. That will end 12 weeks of providing academic support and Library services to our Nursing and Commerce students based there.

Twelve weeks ago, Learning Services staff were sandwiched between the two sliding doors in the foyer of Lincoln’s library. We didn’t mind as we were very visible and April was a sunny, warm month. We had a great view and a couple of comfy sofas to relax on. However, they proved not to be so suitable for holding appointments. And once the weather became cold and rainy, we had to carefully manoeuvre our way around the myriad pairs of gumboots!

That is one of several memorable sights; the many pairs of mud-splattered gumboots lined up at the library door, waiting patiently for their owners to return from within. The other striking memory is of the beer garden where, on those fine days, students could be found drawing sustenance between their lectures.

CPIT Learning Services at Lincoln

When winter arrived we moved our desks, our handouts and ourselves into the library proper. It was a busy time for the learning advisors as the first batch of assignments neared their due date and CPIT students sought appointments. As we were still very conspicuous, we also got requests from the Lincoln students for help. The Lincoln librarians and academic advisors were very friendly and supportive, and the only downside was the travel… and the long walk to the NRE building.

It was pretty much business as usual for the learning advisors based at Lincoln. It’s a beautiful campus with friendly staff and students, but… we’re pleased to be coming home.

Library and Learning Services at Lincoln

CPIT students and staff located at Lincoln University are able to see familiar faces in the Lincoln library. Since March Library and Learning Services staff have been working out at Lincoln to provide all of our usual services, including help with finding information and assignment support. Lincoln has been very generous in providing space and  resources to enable us to support our School of Nursing, Business, Science and Computing students. We will be staying at Lincoln until CPIT students and staff return to the Madras St. campus.

Library and Learning Services staff working out of Lincoln University Library since the February earthquake


After-shocks closed CPIT campus on Monday 13th June. The buildings have all been checked and no structural damage reported. The campus will re-open to students on Monday 20th June. Library staff will be tidying up over the next couple of days to make sure the Library is ready to open on Monday at 8am.

We hope all staff and students are staying safe and warm, and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Library opening Monday 4th April

CPIT Library will re-open on Monday 4th April  at 8am 

Opening hours next week will be 8am – 5pm, with normal services, resources and facilities available. 

If you have library items that were due back on the 21st Feb. or later, we would appreciate you returning them to the Library as soon as possible. No fines will apply to these items until May 2nd.  If you have items that were already overdue on the 21st February, then the fines due at that time will still apply.

There will also be Library staff  out at Lincoln University Library to support Nursing, Business, Science and Computing students, and High-Use material available for 3-hour and 3-day loan.

Any questions, or requests for help please email

Looking forward to seeing you back in the Library.


Our CPIT Library was quickly up and running after the earthquake but other local libraries haven’t been so lucky. The University of Canterbury’s Central Library will be closed for the rest of this year and only part of the Lincoln University Library collection is accessible at present.  Teams of CPIT Library staff are pitching in to help shelve the fallen books at Lincoln.

We have some interesting electronic, print and AV resources about earthquakes…

  Kusky, T. (2008). Earthquakes : Plate Tectonics and Earthquake Hazards. New York : Infobase Publishing.
“…provides readers with an understanding of how, why, and where most earthquakes occur. It includes coverage of what happens during an earthquake.” Read this book online
   Rafferty, J. (2011). Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes. Chicago : Britannica Educational Publishing.
“Along with the science behind each phenomenon, readers learn about major examples and cases that bring home the effects of nature’s awesome power.”   Read this book online
  Villaverde, R. (c2009).  Fundamental concepts of earthquake engineering. Boca Raton : CRC Press.
“…presents the concepts, procedures, and code provisions that are currently being used to make structures as earthquake-resistant as is presently feasible.”  TA654.6VIL

CPIT due to open again Monday 13th Sept


Yeah!! CPIT is expected to open again on Monday. Staff were allowed into the Library this week to tidy up, although damage has been minimal. The Saturday quake caused light fittings to come adrift from the ceiling, but they have snapped back together again. Some books fell to the floor, but  thanks to earthquake strengthening and bracing on the shelves, this was not a major problem…(perhaps it also helped that our building was designed by a Wellington Architect ?!)  The shelves on Level 2 of the Library have earthquake bracing across the top of the shelves. On the ground floor the shelves are bolted to the concrete floor. 

Fewer aftershocks, of reduced intensity, are helping calm frayed nerves and life is slowly returning to normal. We look forward to seeing staff and students back on Monday after what has been a very long week. 

While some students have managed to return books in the past week we will be waiving overdues and making adjustments to due-dates on Monday morning. 

Please ignore any overdue email notices which may have been automatically generated in the past week. 

Access to online resources via the website has been reinstated today (Friday).