Study skills sessions on Oamaru and Ashburton campuses


Oamaru Campus Study Skills Session


Tuesday 8th Mar 2016 10:00am-12:00pm

Ashburton Campus Study Skills Session


Tuesday 16th Mar 2016 10:00am-12:00pm

Student Support Staff will be visiting Ashburton and Oamaru to meet with students and to provide a learning styles session – to encourage students to think explicitly about how they learn and what strategies will work for them. The programme for both campuses is as follows:

•10:00am – introduction to student support (including Māori and Pasifika support)

•10:00am to 12:00pm – Learning styles session

Visit our Study and Learning Seminars page for this information for all campuses.

Visit our opening hours page for all campuses to find when we offer our services.


Free study and learning seminars – Term 2, 2015

Learning Services are running free study and learning seminars this term.

Click on Seminar flyer Term 2, 2015 for the seminar timetable in PDF.

All seminars are repeated. You only need to attend one session for each seminar topic.

Bring your lunch.

All Seminars are from 12.05 to 12.55 PM.

Avoid Procrastination: How to get started on your tasks

Study & Time Management: Achieve your goals, meet deadlines & enjoy a balanced life

APA Referencing: Cite & reference information accurately

Total Recall: Study smart & boost your memory

Test & Exam preparation: Prepare well & perform your best

Date Topic Room
Wed 29 April Test & Exam preparation N210
Thur 30 April Total Recall N205
Mon 4 May Test & Exam preparation N211
Wed 6 May Study & Time Management N210
Mon 11 May Avoid Procrastination N211
Wed 13 May APA Referencing N210
Mon 18 May Study & Time Management N211
Wed 20 May Total Recall N210
Mon 25 May APA Referencing N211
Wed 27 May Avoid Procrastination N210

Any questions? Contact Learning Services

Suffering from end of term itis or exam stress?

Want support and advice on how to cope with exam stress or improve your time management skills? Then you might want to take advantage of the assistance and resources available from our upstairs neighbour –  Learning Services. They have Study Skills tips available online or you can pop in and see the friendly learning advisors.

Kevin, from Learning Services says, “The end of semester can be a stressful time for students. Some students are realising they have covered a lot of content and should have started their programme of revision earlier. Others have end of semester assignments due and know that they should have done more earlier in the year.

If you are feeling anxious or stressed about last minute study strategies or assignment completion, NOW is a good time to seek support from the team at Learning Services. They have a range of resources to guide you in self-study, including how to prepare for tests and exams. They are available right now to help you get organised so you can complete your course work successfully. Do ring on 940 8005, or pop in on Level 2 of the Library, if the Learning Services team can do anything to support your study”.

The Library also has many books available on improving study techniques including: Study smarter, not harder and College Success Guide.

Take a couple of minutes and watch Managing Stress, by Brainsmart, BBC for tips on keeping stress under control.


My Kitchen Rules my study skills

I am not proud of myself for watching My Kitchen Rules. My housemate watches it, and it’s a way for us to hang out and talk, or at least that’s how I explain it to myself in the long dark night of the soul. Nonetheless, I have more than passing familiarity with the show, in which contestants compete against each other to eventually win some kind of fabulous prize. Each time they cook, the teams are given a time limit, perhaps an hour, to complete their dish- a time limit that frequently leads to disqualification as they fail to bring it together in time. Because of these dire consequences, it would be unthinkable if some groups of contestants were arbitrarily given much more time than others to create their meals. Recently, in dealing with a stressed-out student, I drew a parallel that I hadn’t picked up on before, between this kind of show and the process of writing an assignment or preparing for an exam.

The student in question had prepared thoroughly, but had made a minor but fundamental mistake in preparing, and had to start over, with only a day or two until submission. From our conversation, it was clear that some busier or less diligent coursemates had not even begun to do the research at that point, and it got me thinking.

The analogy is this: When you put off starting work on an assignment, you are essentially giving your coursemates the same advantage as the game show competitors would enjoy if they had a day to prepare their food, rather than an hour.

Tutors expect reading and research from you as part of the assessment process, to enable you to develop your subject knowledge. By failing to make a start on this before the last minute, you are allowing those who do make an early start to get streets ahead in their understanding of your subject, but more importantly (since you don’t compete directly with them) you are denying yourself that advantage.

The version of yourself who started early, even at a stately pace, would be streets ahead of you in compehension. They would find assessments easier, because there would be ample time. They would graduate with much greater knowledge of their subject, and a correspondingly greater chance of success beyond CPIT.

You owe it to yourself to master the time management skills to get a fair shake at each assignment, in the same way as the contestants of this show owe it to themselves to plan their meals to be complete with the time frame available to them. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for, if not failure, then a lesser success, and a loss of your potential. The library has stacks of books (that’s a little library humour. I won’t be giving up my day job.) on the subject, but if you recognise yourself in what I’ve written above, why not have a chat to the good people of Learning Services? They have the training (and the bedside manner that books commonly lack) to help you make the most of your time at CPIT.

New to tertiary study? Want better grades? Come to these FREE Lunchtime Seminars

• Taking Notes in Class: strategies for taking notes that make sense
• Reading Strategies: tips for reading articles and books
• APA Referencing: how to acknowledge the information you use your assignments
• Tests and Exams: strategies for preparation and on-the-day survival

Seminars are 12-1pm on various weekdays and Saturdays, starting Thursday, March 8.

They are held in L202/203 (upstairs in the Atrium).

Just come along! No need to book.

See the Semester One timetable

Let us help you with your study…

Are you new to study at CPIT or have you ever wanted to get better grades?


The upcoming Learning Services Study and Learning Seminars cover a range of topics that will help you get better grades, while making your study more enjoyable.  Topics include: time management; how to research using the library resources; how to write assignments; how to reference your sources; and how to successfully study for exams. There is even one on how to give good oral presentations, an old favourite! I have heard of people who are more afraid of talking in public  than they are of dying!


When I was studying I would love to have had some help, rather than slowly trying to figure out how to do these things on my own.

Seminars begin on  August 15th  and will run through until November. They are held in the library, at lunch times. Check out the timetable for details.  You don’t need to book and the seminars are free, so write them in your diary and we look forward to seeing you there.

Ka kite Lincoln

On Wednesday last week, Library and Learning Services made the decision to stop services at Lincoln University and will move back to Madras Street permanently on July 4th. That will end 12 weeks of providing academic support and Library services to our Nursing and Commerce students based there.

Twelve weeks ago, Learning Services staff were sandwiched between the two sliding doors in the foyer of Lincoln’s library. We didn’t mind as we were very visible and April was a sunny, warm month. We had a great view and a couple of comfy sofas to relax on. However, they proved not to be so suitable for holding appointments. And once the weather became cold and rainy, we had to carefully manoeuvre our way around the myriad pairs of gumboots!

That is one of several memorable sights; the many pairs of mud-splattered gumboots lined up at the library door, waiting patiently for their owners to return from within. The other striking memory is of the beer garden where, on those fine days, students could be found drawing sustenance between their lectures.

CPIT Learning Services at Lincoln

When winter arrived we moved our desks, our handouts and ourselves into the library proper. It was a busy time for the learning advisors as the first batch of assignments neared their due date and CPIT students sought appointments. As we were still very conspicuous, we also got requests from the Lincoln students for help. The Lincoln librarians and academic advisors were very friendly and supportive, and the only downside was the travel… and the long walk to the NRE building.

It was pretty much business as usual for the learning advisors based at Lincoln. It’s a beautiful campus with friendly staff and students, but… we’re pleased to be coming home.