Construction Trades – New resources – May 2012

Click on any title below to view its details in our Primo Library catalogue. If you would like to request any of these, sign in first and then select Request. (Hint: the sign in is in the top right corner once you have clicked on the resource.

For more resources on Construction Trades be sure to visit the subject guide.

New resources in the library at Trades Innovation Institute, Sullivan Avenue Campus:

Video Education America. (2006). Fasteners for cabinet making (DVD)

This DVD is an excellent introduction to the use of the various fasteners to join timber and manufactured boards in the contruction of cabinets and furniture.

Coulson, J. (2011). Wood in Construction (ebook)

This ebook focuses on the basic principles and appropriate use of wood in construction and illustrates how to avoid or minimise problems, to ensure that wood performs as expected when used in a construction application.

Coulson, J. (2012). Wood in construction

This is the print edition of the title above and is new to the Sullivan Avenue Library Collection.

New Zealand Department of Building and Housing. (2011). Revised guidance on repairing and rebuilding houses affected by the Canterbury earthquake sequence.(e-resource)

This is the electronic link to the Department of Building and Housing’s report which supersedes the report of 2010 in response to the Canterbury earthquake of 4 September 2010.

Allen, E. (2011). Fundamentals of residential construction (ebook)

From foundation to roof and exterior finishes to interior details, this new edition thoroughly addresses the latest developments in materials and methods of house construction, including energy efficiency, framing, and roofing.


For quick access to the New Zealand Standard 3604:2011 click Timber framed buildings (Hint: takes a few seconds to open)

Māori Collection – New resources – May 2012

   Click on any title below to view its details in our Primo Library catalogue. If you would like to request any of these, sign in first and then select Request. (Hint: the sign in is in the top right corner once you have clicked on the resource.

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New CDs in the Māori Collection:

Guide Rangi. (1982) Guide Rangi and the Rotorua Arawa Concert Party

Originally recorded and released by Stebbing Recording, Auckland in the late 1950s this is a re-release of Guide Rangi and the Te Arawa Concert Party’s powhiri, waiata, haka, etc. for visitors to Aotearoa.

A CD of a radio documentary including speakers such as Sir Tipene O’Regan, Sir Whatarangi Winiata, Sir Iritana Tawhiwhirangi, Hirini Moko Mead and Dr. Pita Sharple.
Includes actiona songs, laments and farewell waiata.

How do I view, or print from an EBL ebook?

1. Start at the library homepage at

2. Enter your search terms and select Go  or press Enter on  your keyboard.

primo search

3.  To view only e-books select  Full Text Online


4. To view the eBook click on its  title.

E.g. Project management


6. If you are off campus, use your normal

CPIT username  and password to login.


7.  Select Read online (available)

read online

8. Now you can:

a.  Select a chapter from the Contents e.g. Different types of projects

b. do a keyword search for a particular topic in this book


9. Select the chapter you wish to view.

 10. To print from your e-book select Print


11. Select Yes (Create a loan)

create loan

12. Now you can:

a. Print current page

b. Print selected pages

c. Print a chapter

d. Notice how many pages you can print under copyright conditions. E.g. 115 pages.

print pages

13. To return to your original results list click on the back arrow in the top left corner.

14. Now you can:

  • or view more results  in  your current search.
  • begin a new search in Primo

15. Download printable instructions here: Find and print from an ebook

For further assistance with using e-books

  • ring (03 9408089)
  • email:

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Adventure recreation – new books – May 2012

   Click on any title below to view its details in our Primo Library search. If you would like to request any of these, sign in first and then select Request. (Hint: the sign in is in the top right corner once you have clicked on the resource.

For more resources on adventure recreation be sure to visit the subject guide.

New Books

Stebbins, R.A. (2011). The idea of leisure: first principles

Watch this DVD as Craig Potton tours New Zealand’s most significant rivers, delving into the depths and shallows to unearth the rich history of the local people and their relationship with some of the country’s most significant waterways”
NOLS Soft Paths is the go-to resource for Leave No Trace skills and ethics. This new edition includes expanded information on camping practices and new research and field experience that prescribes better minimum-impact techniques
 This is the guidebook of Te Araroa Trail: The Long Pathway, a continuous trail running from Cape Reinga to Bluff. The book maps the 3000-kilometre trail in 40-kilometre sections. Each of the 12 regional sections opens with a stunning 2-page 3D map.
This is an ebook. Long recognised as one of Britain’s finest mountain writers, this collection brings together the best of Jim Perrin’s essays and articles on climbing. Perrin has selected these from four decades of describing and commenting on the experience of rock-climbing and the characters of the climbing community.  

How can I search for journal articles only using Primo Library Search?

1. Begin at the library home page at

2. Select Primo Library Search from the right hand column.

3. Sign in in the top right hand corner.

4. Select the Journal articles tab. (This tab searches many databases at once).

5. Enter your search terms in the search box and select Search or press Enter on your keyboard.

Tips :

Use OR to combine similar terms

Use * to truncate your term  (find * above the number 8 on your keyboard). e.g. child* finds child and children.

Use speech marks  “…” to find a phrase e.g.somewhere over the rainbow

5.  Look for an article that has Full text available. Select View online below the title of the article you wish to view. You can also click in the star next to the title to save this title to your e-Shelf.

6. Then select open source in new window.

7. Make a note of which databases have the most articles for your search terms to search individual databases later. Databases appear under Collection. e.g. Science Direct has 30 articles; Proquest Central has 30 articles in this example.

8. Once you have opened your article you can print or save  it.

9. If you need an article that shows as No full text, you can print out the Primo Library Search entry  and give it to a librarian and ask to have it interloaned for you.  Interloans from other libraries usually take about a week to obtain.

10. To return to the rest of the results for your search terms select the first tab.

11. Remember to Sign out when you have finished searching Primo Library Search for articles.

12. You might like to also try some of the databases in the Subject Guides which your Primo Library Search has identified at step 7.

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Need some strategies for your end-of-semester exams?

Come along to one of our FREE lunchtime seminars focusing on Test and Exam Strategies: Thursday 24 May, Saturday 26 May, and Thursday 31 May, 12-1 PM, in L203 (upstairs in the Atrium). Bring your lunch and your classmates!

If you can’t make it to any of the seminars, check out these useful resources about exam preparation and other study skills

NZ Music Month

NZ Music Month

It’s that time of year again, and if you haven’t seen any live music so far this month, there is still plenty of opportunity with performances on at a variety of venues across the city every night for the rest of the month.

For anyone out there with musical talent you might want to try your hand at the “Pavlova Song” Challenge with Classic Hits.  Inspired by Kiwi painter Dick Frizzell’s iconic pavlova recipe painting, Classic Hits host, and bestselling author of ‘Kiwi Speak’ Justin Brown, figured the best way to celebrate New Zealand Music Month would be to find an iconic Kiwi artist to put the pavlova recipe into a song.  Up for grabs is $5,000 cash but you only have until 5:00pm Friday 18 May.

Need help getting started writing that song?  Check out our selection of song writing resources starting with Song Writing for Dummies.

For some classic kiwi inspiration you can’t go past Tally Ho!  Flying Nun’s Greatest Hits – available from the Library.

And for anyone who is new to NZ Music Month get up to speed by clicking this link.

Enjoy NZ Music Month and get out there and support our local musicians.

How do I request a book?

  Requesting  a book

1. Use the Primo Library Search.  Find it at    .  You can also Google CPIT Library and select the first link.

2. In Primo Library Search enter your search terms e.g. news broadcasting


3. Press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard or click on GO to activate search.

4 .   Not available means this title is currently on loan


5. To request an item you will need to Sign in in the top right.

sign in

6.Use your CPIT username and   password          


  7.  Select Request 



8. a. Select Pickup location : City campus Library

b. Select : Hold


9. Primo should respond as below:


 (Note: You can ring (03) 940 8366 if  your request is not successful)

      10. To cancel your request  select  My account in the top right corner.


11. Select Requests in the left column


12. Under Actions you can click Cancel to remove your request.


13. Remember to sign out in top right corner when you are finished.


i. You will receive an email in your CPIT student email inbox when your request is ready to collect from the Library Service Desk.

ii. To access your student email select the Email icon on the Campus Life page at


Note:  The first time you use this email, you can set it up to redirect your student email to your usual email address if preferred. Find how to do this under the  Do More tab of the How do I guide in the Subject guides.

14. For printable instructions click on how to request a book

For further assistance with requesting :

  • Ask at the Library Service desk
  • phone 03 940 8089 or 0800 24 24 76 and ask for the library
  • email

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How do I renew my books?

    How do I renew what I already have out?

1.      Begin at

2.      Select Primo Library Search in right column


3.  Select Sign In ( in the top right corner of screen).

sign in2

4. Enter your CPIT username and password

sign in2

5. Select My account which is now next to Sign out in the top right corner.

my account

6.  a.    Renew all your loans   OR

      b.      Renew individual loans.


7. Note down the new due date for your records. (Date format : YYYY/MM/DD)

8. Remember to sign out in the top right corner when you have finished renewing your books.

Notes :

  1. i.                    You can only renew your items once.
  2. ii.                  If your items are due today your items will not renew using this online method.  Ring 940 8089 to renew via the phone.
  3. iii.                Your items will renew for three weeks from today’s date unless they are from the High Use Collection.
  4. iv.                Ring 940 8089 for further assistance.

For a printable copy click on renewing books

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Top 10 most read books!

Here’s a great infographic of the top ten books based on book sales over the last 50 years.

Some might surprise you!

Here is also a link to ten free tools to help you create your own cool infographics from – Perfect for someone like me who is seriously graphically challenged – can’t you tell?! Yes, I’ve resorted to Microsoft Office’s free clipart  to put a bit of colour in this post.

You can also read one of our awesome ebooks on this subject:

Golombisky, K & Hagen, R. (2010). White space is not your enemy : a beginner’s guide to communicating visually through graphic, web and multimedia design.