Our CPIT Library was quickly up and running after the earthquake but other local libraries haven’t been so lucky. The University of Canterbury’s Central Library will be closed for the rest of this year and only part of the Lincoln University Library collection is accessible at present.  Teams of CPIT Library staff are pitching in to help shelve the fallen books at Lincoln.

We have some interesting electronic, print and AV resources about earthquakes…

  Kusky, T. (2008). Earthquakes : Plate Tectonics and Earthquake Hazards. New York : Infobase Publishing.
“…provides readers with an understanding of how, why, and where most earthquakes occur. It includes coverage of what happens during an earthquake.” Read this book online
   Rafferty, J. (2011). Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes. Chicago : Britannica Educational Publishing.
“Along with the science behind each phenomenon, readers learn about major examples and cases that bring home the effects of nature’s awesome power.”   Read this book online
  Villaverde, R. (c2009).  Fundamental concepts of earthquake engineering. Boca Raton : CRC Press.
“…presents the concepts, procedures, and code provisions that are currently being used to make structures as earthquake-resistant as is presently feasible.”  TA654.6VIL

International Day of Peace at CPIT Library

Tuesday 21st September 2010 is the International Day of Peace (or World Peace Day), and was established by the UN in 1981. It is dedicated to promoting and strengthening ideals of peace between nations, and also closer to home within families and communities. To mark this event CPIT Library is hosting a display of peace posters sourced from peace groups and organizations from around the world. These posters, gifted to the CPIT Art Collection, have appeared in a number of exhibitions including No More Hiroshimas: the International Peace Poster Exhibition at Turnbull House, Wellington back in 1985. 

If you are keen to see more, check out Flickr for more of the collection online, or drop by the Library.