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Google Zeitgeist and How to take a screenshot

Recently, I came across Google Zeitgeist   where you can see the search trends of the world or select any country to see individual fads.  Look at New Zealand to see what was all the rage last year e.g. Did you … Continue reading

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Find synonyms fast!

Here’s a tip for quickly finding synonyms (i.e. different words that have the same meaning). Type a word into MS Word or Outlook email, highlight it with your left mouse button, then right mouse click on the highlighted word.  A … Continue reading

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Google and the future of search and other tech stuff

  If you want a bit of a technofix read this article from last Saturday’s Guardian News on Google’s knowledge graph, a database of the 500 million most searched for people, places and things in the Google world which leaves … Continue reading

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How do I find authoritative information using Google?

You can use the following checklist to decide whether your website is authoritative.     Website evaluation checklist What credentials does the author / creator have? Can you find other evidence of these credentials? Try Googling the author to find out … Continue reading

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How to solve impossible problems : Awesome Google search techniques

John Tedesco, investigative reporter for a paper in San Antonio, shares some key tips from an amazing talk by Daniel Russell, a research scientist at Google. Russell, presented his favorite search tools, methods and perspectives to help you find the impossible. You can also … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and Google – can I use these in my assignment?

Students are frequently recommended not to use Wikipedia and Google when researching for assignments and this is to encourage you to use the Library databases which are purchased because of their relevance to the topics you are studying.  However, there … Continue reading

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