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ProQuest Central: Like google but infinitely better

  By Colleen Finnerty: Knowledge Advisor, Ara Have you ever needed an answer? Not just any answer, but the correct authoritative one? Don’t rely on crystal balls or Google when you can now access ProQuest Central! This respected database contains … Continue reading

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Combine Google scholar with Ara library resources to super charge your search

The latest Ara Library “how do I” video shows you how to set up google scholar so it will search within Ara library databases, not just publicly available sources. This means it will show you links to articles you get … Continue reading

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Never lower your standards

My personal standards are pretty low. I could get out of bed earlier and straighten my hair and put more make up on but that would require waking earlier and I would hate that. In other areas of life deciding … Continue reading

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Bit chilly, isn’t it?

This time of year resounds with sharply indrawn breaths, chattering teeth, and cries of “it’s a bit chilly!”. I for one struggle to drag myself from my warm bed, and the walk to work is an exercise in determination. We … Continue reading

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The magical world of Oxford Online

When I think of Oxford University I think of carved stone buildings, gargoyles and hidden passages filled with black caped beings walking swiftly while discussing clever things. My Oxford is a sort of older person’s Hogwarts without Harry, Hermione and Ron. … Continue reading

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New Midwifery resources

Have you ever heard of the term “try before you buy”? Well, that is what the library likes to do before investing in new databases for students and staff. We want to make sure that these electronic resources are easy … Continue reading

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A key to success

Being able to competently use a computer, and a variety of software, is no longer just the domain of computer ‘geeks’. Almost every job out there now requires some level of IT skill – and having better skills is one way … Continue reading

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