Never lower your standards

My personal standards are pretty low. I could get out of bed earlier and straighten my hair and put more make up on but that would require waking earlier and I would hate that. In other areas of life deciding not to bother and taking shortcuts is not an option. For example, in Christchurch we are currently living through the “rebuild” – a lovely understated term for years of tears, disruption and frustration peppered with occasional joy.

A massive part of this is making sure standards are enforced. Standards are agreed specifications for products, services, or performance. They are there to improve safety and meet various industries best practices. When standards aren’t met then there are repercussions as you can see on the news with Christchurch families in tears at poorly restored foundations on their homes.

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We have access to Standards New Zealand through Ara Library so we can bask in the knowledge that our students and staff will always follow best practice. We even have a helpful handy handout to help you search for standards. So regardless of how late you like to get out of bed there is no excuse for remembering the standards that do count – straight lines rather than straight hair!

Colleen Finnerty

Knowledge Advisor

How do I find Standards in Standards New Zealand database?

1. Begin at or Google CPIT Library

2.  Select Subject guides & Databases in the bottom right of the screen.


3. Under General select All databases


4.       a. Select S

databases s

           b. Select Standards New Zealand

standards 2

5.  Use your normal CPIT username and password to login if you are off campus.


6. In the search box type keywords or the number of your Standard if known e.g. 3604


7. Press Enter on your keyboard or select GO.

8. Click on the link to your Standard e.g. NZS 3604:2011


9. Click on View PDF to open your Standard.


10.  You can now print off your Standard


Printable instructions for  using Standards New Zealand  – PDF.

N.B. : The PDFs will only open from Standards New Zealand if you access them via the Library’s link to the Databases – Standards New Zealand

For further assistance with Standards

Looking for New Zealand Standards?

The Library has access to New Zealand and Australia/New Zealand Joint standards in full text.

On the Library Homepage go to Online Resources & Databases.” Select Aotearoa / New Zealand Resources. Scan down to S. Select New Zealand Standards.

i. Search by entering the standard number only, e.g. 1491 or the standard title.
ii. Select the required standard from the list.
iii. Click on the standard title which brings up an information page.
iv. Click View PDF .

When printing from the Standards database take note of the page numbers on the screen. Standards have been scanned with the cover being page one therefore the page numbers do not match the paper copy.

The database also contains indexes to ISO, IEC & BSI standards.
NOTE – NZS/AS standards are Australian standards adopted for use in New Zealand but they have not been developed as Joint standards and are not available in full text.

Standards New Zealand The Library has access to New Zealand and Australia/New Zealand Joint standards (NZS and AS/NZS)  in full text from the Standards New Zealand Website.   The database also contains indexes to ISO, IEC & BSI and NZS/AS standards. 

These documents can be downloaded as PDF’s from both on and off campus.  The database is linked from Online Resources & Databases under “Aotearoa/New Zealand” and the categories under “Trades Innovation Institute.”

If you require assistance using this resource then consult the FAQ on the Standards New Zealand website, come and ask a friendly Information Librarian situated at the Information Desk on the groundfloor  of the City Campus Library or submit an enquiry through our online enquiry form.  We are here to help!