Think before you print

paper1aAll this paper was collected from waste paper trays around the library in ONE DAY.

It’s about 200 pages.

That’s about 1000 pages per week. That’s two whole packets of copy paper.

That’s about 16 packets per term – that’s a whole tree!

That’s a lot to throw away.

If you find this a bit scary, try some of these tips to reduce paper use:

  • Use Follow You Print
  • Read articles online and take notes by hand
  • Save articles and class notes to a pendrive, dropbox, or onedrive.
  • Try printing three, four, or even six powerpoint slides on a page
  • Print double sided (this is now the CPIT default setting)

If you would like help with printing or photocopying, library staff are always happy to help.

Let’s save a tree!    tree

How do I check my print credit?

Using the kiosk

To find out how much money you have on your CPIT student card you can do either of the following:

1. Find the kiosk in the Library or atrium.


2. Select Credit Account

3. Wave your student card in front of the ID scanner below the screen.

wave id

4. Then on the screen select Show balance (find in the top left).

Checking credit from a computer

Alternatively, from any computer, once you have logged in with your CPIT login and password,  you can:

1. Click the Windows Start icon in the bottom left.


2. Type  Print in the search box above the Windows icon.


3. Select Print balance


4. Select continue

5. Use your CPIT login and password in the equitrac login area to access your print balance details.


Here is a PDF about how to check your print credit.

See also related topics – When is it good to use ‘Follow you’ print  and How to add credit to my print account.

Click FAQs for answers to common questions in the Library.

For personal assistance ask a Librarian at the front desk, email or phone (03) 940 8089.

The COWS came home

After the earthquake, the laptops that we had for loan in the library were needed to help with teaching classes out at Hornby. Now that the Library is open again the Computers On WheelS have come home. There are 10 laptops available, each with a CD/DVD drive and the complete Microsoft Office 2010 installed.They are issued for 3 hours at a time and automatically detect CPIT  Wifi.

While there is no printing available via wifi, there is a computer in the High-Use area in the Library (directly behind the Service Desk) that is available for you to log-in and, using a pen-drive, print your work.

Laptops available for loan