Watching Wall Upgrade

Big changes in the Library this week with the dismantling of the TV “Watching Wall”

The Watching Wall

A unique feature of the Education Resource Centre when it was built in 1999, the satellite TV wall consisted of 12 television sets arranged together on a metal shelving unit. The tv’s were connected to what was then, the largest set of satellite receiving dishes in the South Island. It provided access to over 20 channels from around the world and the ability to simulcast 12 different channels with seperate audio feeds.

The plan is to replace the 12 screens with one large flat LCD screen providing access to all satellite channels for coverage of national and international cultural, sporting and political events. There will also be five smaller 14″ televisions hooked up to the satellite, but with DVD, USB and computer intput capability. A second large 40″ screen tv will be available on a trolley for teaching purposes and group work.

While the Watching Wall was an innovative and attractive feature of the Library, technology has moved on  –  Television sets have become slimmer ..and smarter, and people catch up with international news via the internet.

News from the BBC
Al Jazeera website
China Network TV

News from USA
Upgrading the TV’s in the Library provides greater flexibility,
allowing students to keep up to date with international news, watch a DVD, or use a larger tv for group work, with a large fixed screen for following important global events such as …. the Rugby World Cup !
The new screens should be installed for the start of the new term.

Fashion Street

Check out the current exhibition in the Library featuring the work of our Fashion students. The display faces out to the Atrium creating a ‘shop front’ feel.

To support the Fashion students the Library subscribes to Berg Fashion which includes the World Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, and a large image bank… always useful when looking for inspiration. We also stock exhibition catalogs from international exhibitions, books on fashion photography and an extensive video/dvd collection 

 It is wonderful to be able to show-case the talent of CPIT students, and while I do miss the High Street it is exciting for the Library to be able to host a variety of events and exhibitions.

Design students also have a couple of pieces of work in the library at the moment, a shelving unit which is blending in very nicely

Student work - School of Design

…and a study work space incorporating one of the bean bags over by the Watching Wall.

The development of a Creative Hub at CPIT has  led to increased collaboration and co-operation, and improved links with industry which will benefit CPIT students and local businesses. The opportunity, moving forward, is to nurture those relationships and create our own new normal, better than before.
Display of student work in the Library

Māori Language Week

Manaakitanga theme for Māori Language Week 2001The theme for this years Māori Language Week is Manaakitanga.  Broadly defined Manaakitanga is a cultural concept related to the sharing of kindness, respect and humanity.  It is about making people feel welcome when they are in our company and showing care and regard for visitors.

To celebrate this years event the CPIT Library is hosting poetry reading in Te reo featuring Hana O’Regan and students  from Te Puna Whanaga on Tuesday the  5th July at 12.30pm.

Hana’ s book of poetry Kupu : a collection of contemporary Māori poetry is available in the CPIT Library.

There are also a number of other events taking place on campus including an Iwi Off on Thursday the 7th of July, 10 – 12 at Te Puna Wanaka, CPIT.  An Iwi Off is an opprotunity to represent your iwi through Kapa Haka and the performance of iwi anthems.