Free study and learning seminars – Term 2, 2015

Learning Services are running free study and learning seminars this term.

Click on Seminar flyer Term 2, 2015 for the seminar timetable in PDF.

All seminars are repeated. You only need to attend one session for each seminar topic.

Bring your lunch.

All Seminars are from 12.05 to 12.55 PM.

Avoid Procrastination: How to get started on your tasks

Study & Time Management: Achieve your goals, meet deadlines & enjoy a balanced life

APA Referencing: Cite & reference information accurately

Total Recall: Study smart & boost your memory

Test & Exam preparation: Prepare well & perform your best

Date Topic Room
Wed 29 April Test & Exam preparation N210
Thur 30 April Total Recall N205
Mon 4 May Test & Exam preparation N211
Wed 6 May Study & Time Management N210
Mon 11 May Avoid Procrastination N211
Wed 13 May APA Referencing N210
Mon 18 May Study & Time Management N211
Wed 20 May Total Recall N210
Mon 25 May APA Referencing N211
Wed 27 May Avoid Procrastination N210

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ANZAC Day 2015: 100th Anniversary

Anzac Day Commemoration

This ANZAC Day, April 25th 2015,  marks one hundred years since the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) first landed on the beaches of the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Many special commemorative events will be held throughout Christchurch to mark the event.

The following information is from the Christchurch City Council community events page.

Anzac cove, dawn service

Dawn service

The dawn service will be held in Cranmer Square.

  • 6am–6.15am: the people gather
  • 6.15am: the parade begins
  • 6.30am: the service begins centred around the memorial cenotaph
  • 7. 15am: the service concludes with wreath-laying

Organised by the Canterbury Branch of the Malayan Veterans Association in conjunction with the Christchurch Branch of the Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association (RSA) and Christchurch City Council.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel will lay a wreath on behalf of the citizens of Christchurch.

Citizens’ Service: 10am – Christ Church Transitional Cathedral, Latimer Square

Organised by Christchurch City Council in conjunction with Christchurch Cathedral and the RSA. It will be attended by representatives of the Defence Force, Consular Corps and various Christchurch youth groups.

Find more Anzac Day services

CPIT will be closed on Saturday the 25th for ANZAC commemorations and also Monday the 27th as this is the first instance of a “mondayised” holiday.

Nutritional Misinformation in Advertising

“Miracle Cure!” Health Fraud Scams (

On Monday, I got to go along to the Applied Science 3rd year nutrition presentations. Here, students identify a food product that has been advertised in the media, and see if there’s misleading information in there about the nutritional value of the food.

It’s part of my job to be able to try to understand these things- what we call (rather enticingly) information literacy. It’s what you’re doing when you check the source of that crazy-sounding thing your friend shared on Facebook, to find that the source is as crackpot as the story. Information literacy is the ability to tell good information from bad, and we go on about it a lot at CPIT library because it’s important for your study. But it’s also a critical skill for living a healthy, successful life in the modern world, and I was pleased to see how well the Nutrition students could pick apart the advertising. Their tutor, Nick Kimber, agrees: “Being aware of misleading and sensationalised nutrition information in the media can help the public navigate their way through the minefield of myths and fallacies that are encountered on a daily basis.”

We heard about milk products, muesli bars, sugar free chocolate, bread, fruit juices, and fad diets, often with considerable showmanship. I was particularly impressed that the students didn’t conclude with screaming rants about how awful or wonderful this or that product might be. They laid out the claims made in the advertising, looked at the nutritional labels, and critically outlined the gaps between the claims and reality.

I learned that I am not being as virtuous as I thought when drinking fruit juice. The students taught me the difference between sucrose, fructose and glucose (thanks guys!), and that soy protein isn’t as good for building muscle as whey protein. Thankfully, I’m pretty buff already, so this isn’t such a personal concern.

The presentations were high-energy, entertaining, and they left me thinking about what I eat. I’m a bit better able to make sense of food labels today than I was a week ago, and a bit better at using my critical skills to assess food advertising. So thanks again to Nick and his students.

If you receive an invitation to the next session, I heartily recommend you take them up on the offer- you’ll leave with a wiser head than you came with, and you’ll get some fun participation in campus life for your troubles.

Two Exhibitions at Madras Campus

Arty things to see…be quick or you may miss them! On display until 11th May 2015


As you enter the Library there is a small display of 3D work from the CPIT Artwork Collection. They are part of a larger CPIT Artwork Collection which can be found on display around the campuses. These artworks have been created by graduates from Art and Design at CPIT. You might like to take a moment to contemplate the different media and techniques used in the five works. CPIT’s Art & Design Department offers students the opportunity to explore and express their ideas in a myriad of ways utilising a variety of media.

Make sure you also pop into the foyer of D Block to see another exhibition – Afterhours, but this time the work is by staff from Art & Design. It’s an excellent opportunity to view work from renowned New Zealand artists at your leisure.

Artist Sandra Thomson - image courtesy of the artist
Artist Sandra Thomson – image courtesy of the artist


You’ve been volunteered!

Volunteering sometimes gets a bad rap – doing the jobs no-one wants, for no pay. But it can be so much more than that.

I’ve had a couple of really great volunteering experiences. After I left school, I went to the UK for a year and volunteered in a home for people with physical and mental disabilities. It was the best thing I ever did – I met some wonderful people (some of whom I’m still in touch with), and it taught me many valuable life lessons – as well as being a lot of fun. More recently, I volunteered during the Cricket World Cup here in Christchurch – again, working with some great people, and getting a view of the event not many people got.


Volunteering comes in many guises, from a one-off day, to a regular weekly slot, to almost-permanent work. It can be a great way to gain new skills and experience, and can help boost your CV. The CPIT Career Centre often has information about volunteering opportunities related to your area of study.

It’s also a great way to get involved in your community or give something back to people who need it. The Student Volunteer Army is a great place to start. Volunteering Canterbury brings together a lot of resources about volunteering, as well as a database of volunteering opportunities.

The library has some resources, particularly if your business or organization wishes to make use of volunteers:

The volunteer management handbook

International volunteer tourism

Volunteerism in geriatric settings

So go forth and volunteer. You never know where it might take you…

Edible Book Festival 2015 … and the winners are …

Best in show : Sconehenge by Hugh Wall


Most imaginative by Kiri Te Wake

Title: Frankenstein


Most delectable by Julie Humby

Title: The hollow chocolate bunnies of the apocalypse


Best interpretation of a book by Sarah Chin

Title: 50 shades of gray

50 shades

Funniest by Kiri Te Wake

Title: Ta(il) of Peter Rabbit


People’s Choice (Yes the one you all voted for!) by our very own librarian, Julie Humby.

Title: The hollow chocolate bunnies of the the apocalypse

Many thanks to all our entrants whose entries you can view in full on our Facebook page.

Many thanks to our judges

A big thanks also to our sponsors, Academy Books and Southern Hospitality