Exam help is on the way

Exams are looming but do not fret as Library and Learning Services have help on the way. Kickstarting the seminars off this coming friday (27th October) is a fabulous and timely session on doing better in exams.

All seminars are free and there is no need to book ahead, you can just come along on the day and go to as many seminars as you like.

Seminars 2017 term 4

Tips for exam success


The exam period is well under way and a few simple strategies may help you manage any stress and increase your marks.

The day before the test/exam

  • Check the start time of the exam and the place
  • Make sure you have all the equipment you need: pens, pencils, watch, water
  • Eat and sleep well

On the test/exam day and in the exam room:

  • Do not learn any new information
  • Get to the exam room early
  • Wait in a quiet area and try not to get distracted by noise
  • Read the instructions carefully. You may have 10 minutes of reading time before you start answering the questions
  • Read all the questions carefully
  • Check how many marks there are for each question and then work out how much time you need for each
  • Answer the easy questions first – this will lower any exam anxiety and allow you to get into the rhythm of the exam, whilst writing easy answers.
  • Attempt ALL the questions you have to answer. The first few marks of every question are usually quite easy to get.
  • Plan your short answer questions and keep to the point
  • If you are short of time write down your main points as these may earn marks
  • If you have spare time at the end check your work thoroughly

Good Luck from everyone in Academic Support – Library, Learning Services and Disability Services.

Library Stereotypes: Shhh!

Being a librarian is great- you get to learn loads, help students out, and play with new technology. But there are some parts of the job that aren’t so great- such the stereotypes. As a man in a field dominated by women, I find it a little disturbing when this is what most people think, when they think of librarians.

Image: jooleeah_stahkey via Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Image: jooleeah_stahkey via Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

CPIT’s library doesn’t, I like to think, live up to the old stereotypes of the “Shh!” librarian in a tweed skirt with a bun in his hair. However, in the past month or so, we’ve had quite a few complaints from people in the quiet spaces of the library, which haven’t been so quiet.

Soooo, to try to be responsive to what our patrons need, we’re going to be a little more proactive in asking for a minimum of noise in the quiet areas of the library: The Gateway, L131, and all open space upstairs- except the facade to the Atrium.


Please bear in mind that some of your course mates don’t have quiet space at home to study, and for many people the library is the best place to get your head down and get that assignment written. If you notice a lot of noise in a quiet area, let one of us know and we’ll ask the room to dial it back a bit.


So please: be respectful to those around you. Keep noise to a minimum in the quiet areas, and if you are asked by myself or one of the other library staff to tone down the noise, please try to think of us as helpful professionals, trying to ensure that everyone gets a chance to show their finest, as opposed to fire-breathing monsters ruining your day for giggles.

Here is a 1-minute video from the 1989 movie UHF which has inspired me to try to break these stereotypes. Return your books on time or else.

Suffering from end of term itis or exam stress?

Want support and advice on how to cope with exam stress or improve your time management skills? Then you might want to take advantage of the assistance and resources available from our upstairs neighbour –  Learning Services. They have Study Skills tips available online or you can pop in and see the friendly learning advisors.

Kevin, from Learning Services says, “The end of semester can be a stressful time for students. Some students are realising they have covered a lot of content and should have started their programme of revision earlier. Others have end of semester assignments due and know that they should have done more earlier in the year.

If you are feeling anxious or stressed about last minute study strategies or assignment completion, NOW is a good time to seek support from the team at Learning Services. They have a range of resources to guide you in self-study, including how to prepare for tests and exams. They are available right now to help you get organised so you can complete your course work successfully. Do ring on 940 8005, or pop in on Level 2 of the Library, if the Learning Services team can do anything to support your study”.

The Library also has many books available on improving study techniques including: Study smarter, not harder and College Success Guide.

Take a couple of minutes and watch Managing Stress, by Brainsmart, BBC for tips on keeping stress under control.


Exams soon? Need some strategies?

Come along to our free lunchtime seminar this Thursday, 18 October, 12.05-1 PM, in L202 (upstairs in the Atrium). We’ll look at how you can prepare for the exam, and some on-the-day strategies. Bring your lunch and your classmates!

If you can’t make it to the seminar, check out these useful resources about exam preparation and other study skills, or come and talk to one of our friendly learning advisors in Learning Services, upstairs in the Library.

Need some strategies for your end-of-semester exams?

Come along to one of our FREE lunchtime seminars focusing on Test and Exam Strategies: Thursday 24 May, Saturday 26 May, and Thursday 31 May, 12-1 PM, in L203 (upstairs in the Atrium). Bring your lunch and your classmates!

If you can’t make it to any of the seminars, check out these useful resources about exam preparation and other study skills