The 2019 Edible Book Festival…

Fashion a book out of food…

Ara Library will be hosting an Edible Book Festival event on Monday 12th August- and we would love for you to play your part!



What is an Edible Book?

We need you to put your thinking cap on and decide how you could represent your favourite book in the medium of food, or how you can make your favourite food into an edible book…

You can also have a look online for other edible book competitions for inspiration.

There are prizes for the most imaginative, humorous, best tasting and most representative entries.

Here are a couple of entries from previous years to get you thinking:

‘Queen of Hearts’ from Through the looking glass or Alice in Wonderland, a 2018 winning entry
Sweetland, by Micheal Crummey (2018 competition)


If you like to bake, carve, decorate, shape or otherwise play with your food then this is the competition for you.


‘Some Pig”, Charlottes Web written by E.B White (2013 competition)


Grapes of Wrath, written by John Steinbeck (2016 competition)
wedding bees
The Wedding Bees, by Sarah Kate Lynch (2018 competition)


How to participate in the 2019 Ara Edible Book Competition

To participate: at the City Campus submit entries to the Library between 8-9 am on Monday 12th August. At Timaru Campus please give your entries to Helen at the Library. Other campuses, if you wish to participate please photograph your entry and email to The photographed entries will be printed and displayed in the Atrium at the Rakaia Centre, City Campus.

All entries are eligible to win a prize.



What if I cant bake, can I still participate?

If baking and making is not your thing then come along on Monday 12th August from 10am to view the entries. Vote for your People’s Choice entry. The winners will be announced at 12.15 and then the real fun begins; eating the winning entries…..

Alright everyone….time to get your bake on!!!

ProQuest Central: Like google but infinitely better


By Colleen Finnerty: Knowledge Advisor, Ara

Have you ever needed an answer? Not just any answer, but the correct authoritative one? Don’t rely on crystal balls or Google when you can now access ProQuest Central! This respected database contains full text and peer review information on all subjects imaginable, including business, health and medical, social sciences, arts and humanities, education, and science and technology.

From a single search box, you can search over forty of ProQuest’s databases and find thousands of full-text scholarly journals, newspapers, magazines, dissertations, working papers, case studies, and market reports all together on this user-friendly platform

It is basically like Google but without the cat videos, fake news, and the rantings of the uninformed. Use of this database will result in tutors swooning and guaranteed scholarly success! You will find the link to ProQuest Central in the Library Database A-Z and in your subject guides.

Have a search today and find the answers you seek.


Bibliotherapy: Reading for your wellbeing.

As Matariki rises again for another year and we delve into the depths of winter, taking time to relax and de-stress becomes a priority to maintain our health and wellbeing. To do this, we recommend reading. Recent research from The Reading Agency has shown there are a range of positive outcomes from reading for pleasure including improvement of mental health and reduction or delay of dementia symptoms.

The Ara library can help with an extensive range of fiction books available in our Leisure Reading collection. So when you need a break from the textbooks and journal articles, drive into one of our books. We have books from every genre: Adventure, Romance, Suspense / Thriller, Crime, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical, Humour, Classics, Mystery and more.

Check out some of our latest additions to the collection: