And it’s done.

collected knitting

This is the collected result of last week’s knitting in public! Six scarves, twelve hats, and I’m assured that there is more to come. Not bad for a week of lunchtimes (and a bit of homework…). I’m just sorry there’s no pictures of the knitting-in-progress, but we were far too busy to take photos! Thanks to all the knitters for making this such a great event.

These will now go to help kids keep warm this winter, thanks to KidsCan. And we had a bit of fun, met some new people, learned a new skill, de-stressed, and all those other good things knitting does for you.

See you next year!

Knitting for good

I knit. Quite a lot – or too much, depending on who you ask. It stops me fidgeting when I watch television, it gives me a sense of achievement when I’ve had an uneventful day, and it allows me, with very little imagination or artistic ability, to do something creative. Knitting makes me feel good.

Knitting is more than just old ladies churning out ugly jumpers to inflict on their unfortunate relatives. Knitting can also be…


Radical lace Radical lace and subversive knitting   In the loop In the loop: Knitting now


Knit couture Knit couture: 20 hand-knit designs from runway to reality

or Therapy:

Knitting for good Knitting for good: a guide to creating personal, social and political change, stitch by stitch

Other groups, such as Stitchlinks, are working to “use knitting and other activities to improve wellbeing generally, but also to complement medical treatments in the self-management of long-term illness” – an aim that is gaining acceptance among clinicians and academics.

Next week is the newly-extended World Wide Knit in Public Week, and CPIT library will be taking part. We’ll be hosting ‘knitting in public’ each lunchtime – bring your own knitting or work on one of our projects for KidsCan – scarves, beanies and slippers for Kiwi kids. We’ll even teach you how! Check out the library’s blog and facebook page next week for updates.

Christmas Crackers

Well it is almost here, hopefully you have finished all your shopping, and can sit back and relax.Catch up on some recent New Zealand fiction , or be inspired to cook something, or reclaim a craft, and start knitting.

Wild tea cosies
Fat Duck Cookbook

Library staff recently took up knitting for the CPIT Christmas Mardi Gras party. The result was a Carmen Miranda tribute which has been on display in the Library. I had no idea knitting could be such a team sport.

Mardi Gras

Unbelievably, we did not win a prize, but we were up against stiff competition, and a good time was had by all.

If all else fails, and you are still struggling for xmas gift ideas, I read a  recent blog that had some interesting suggestions, although I cannot recommend the library book idea!

The Library is closing at 1pm on Friday 23rd and will open again on the 4th Jan at 8am.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a bright new year.  The City Plan heralds big changes as  the city centre emerges from the cordon.

We look forward to working with staff and students next year.Travel safe, have fun, and see you back here in the new year.

Research and the Science of Chocolate

It is Research Week at CPIT, an annual opportunity to celebrate the diverse range of research activity happening around the Campus. There are a series of public lectures, and an exhibition of research posters shares the Atrium with the art exhibitions which opened on the 12th Sept.

There is a rich applied research culture at CPIT and presentation topics include the science of chocolate , the impact of the earthquake on nursing students, and research into peer instruction using tablet PC’s. Local, national and international issues are addressed by research staff  from Creative Industries, Health Humanities and Science, and Commerce.

If you are interested in the science of chocolate you might also be interested to know that 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry. At last… a chance to celebrate chemistry!

There are a range of events, competitions, and activities, including knitting the Periodic Table. There is a New Zealand website where you can learn a few things … such as…

Why asbestos is so dangerous?

How jandals are made

What makes the katipo spider poisonous ?                                                              

How Manuka honey is anti-bacterial

There is even a Chemist of the Week, and you can follow Chemistry celebrations on Facebook

So let’s celebrate Science and research. Follow up with some reading in the Library, you can start with a basic introduction to Chemistry and then learn how to knit… you can contribute to the periodic table.

..and finally, visit She Chocolat and savour the art behind the science, it’s good for you!