Save time in Microsoft Word – Use Autotext

Have you ever been working in Microsoft Word or Outlook and wished you could save content you might want to use again later e.g. a header or a footer or a form letter?

Well its time then to get to know how to automatically insert text using autotext.

How to use Autotext in Word 2013?


  1. In your document, highlight the text that you want to reuse often.
  2. On the Insert tab, in the Text group:

– click the icon for Explore Quick Parts (Note if you have a wider screen the words Quick Parts show)

quick parts

click AutoText,

– click Save Selection to AutoText Gallery.

3. Fill out the information in the Create New Building Block dialog box.

(Most of the default values are fine.)

4. Change the Name to something short you will remember.

5. Click OK


5. In your Word document, add your saved autotext by either:

  • Clicking on the Explore Quick Parts icon and clicking on your autotext from the gallery.


  • Type into your Word document the name you gave your autotext  and pressing F3 on your keyboard. (This pastes your specified autotext into your Word document).

A video on Microsoft Word’s Quick Parts 

Here’s a 3 minute video from Jim Galloway’s Law Practice. (Note: Jim is using Word 2010).

Technology on the go!


This week we begin the celebration of Adult Learners Week with an opportunity to get some technology tips which might help you while you study here at CPIT.  Bring your own laptop, tablet, or smartphone to try new tech tips on the go.

We can help you set up things like:

  • Microsoft Office 365 on your own computer for free
  • Printing from your own device
  • Using easybib for easy tracking of the books you’ve used in APA referencing format.

So bring your devices and your questions to X205 Thursday 10 September.  See you there!

Adult Learners’ Week- He Tangata Mātauranga 2015

Adult learners


Celebrate the efforts, achievements and contributions of adult learners, educators and providers during Adult Learners’ Week, Monday 7 September – Sunday 13 September 2015.


International Literacy Day is on September 8 every year. Take the opportunity to improve your vocabulary with app on your smartphone, a new word sent to you every morning!