Library Help @ the Ara Zoom Library Desk

Do you have a question about library resources, referencing, or anything else? Connect to us online at the Ara Zoom Library Desk!

Ara librarians will be available from 10-3 weekdays on Zoom to answer all your library questions. In order to connect with us, you’ll need to install Zoom on your device and then click the link below.

Ara Zoom Library Desk

  • Installing Zoom: Follow the directions here to install Zoom on your device: Zoom help guide
  • Enter the queue: Click on the following link to enter the queue to talk to a librarian. If we’re busy, you might need to wait a few minutes, but we’ll be with you as soon as we can!
  • Ask your question: Once you’re in the room, make sure that you’ve turned on your sound and video. This will make it much easier to help us answer your question. We also might share our screen with you to show you what we are doing. When we’re done, just leave the meeting!

Please let us know if the Zoom Library Desk is helpful for you or if there’s other ways we can support your study during this time. We are happy to help in any way we can.