What is Wolfram Alpha?

Is it a search engine like Google? Why don’t you ask it? Go to Wolfram Alpha and type in “What are you?”. Click here

wolfram alpha

This is an example of an Easter Egg hidden by the developers of Wolfram Alpha (the computational knowledge engine) for you to find.

Virtual Easter Eggs are not new and are defined by Wikipedia as “an intentional hidden message, in-joke or feature in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program, web page or video game”. Microsoft have even hidden some in their products such as Microsoft Office.

Some known Wolfram Alpha Easter Eggs to try include asking the questions what is your name?, what is the meaning of life? or typing in Hello or I Love You.

I found the answer to does God exist? and who’s on first?. Can you discover some Easter Eggs on Wolfram Alpha? Questions related to Back to the Future, 2001 Space Odessey, Monty Python and various comic strip super heros seem to be popular with the Wolfram Alpha developers.

Post a comment if you find any for others to try.