Are you looking for work? Do you have a disability?…then join us for free pizza!

Ara Institute of Canterbury and Workbridge, New Zealand’s largest organisation that works with disabled people to assist them into work have formed a new partnership. 


The purpose of the partnership is to help get Ara students into work.  If you are studying at Ara and have a disability, then you need to join us for this evening.


What:                    A pizza night

When:                  Tuesday 27th August

What time:         4.00-5.30pm

Where:                 Rakaia Centre, L202

Whether you are interested in working part time whilst you are studying, working more regular hours now that you have your qualification or you just have some questions about Disability and Employment, then please come and join us for this night.  Representatives from all three services will be there and it’s a chance for you to meet and talk to all of us, as well as to interact with other disabled young people who are also looking for work. 


 Please contact to let her know you are going to attend the event.  If you have particular dietary requirements then please let us know this as well.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Pauline Melham and the Disability Services Team. 


A nice day out

Yesterday I went to the cricket –  Nepal v. Hong Kong, in a qualifier for the 2015 World Cup, at the Oval in Rangiora.


There were many things I liked about this game:

1. It was free. I am eternally frugal.

2. I was not at all invested in the outcome. I would not loose sleep, whoever won (for the record, it was Hong Kong, quite comprehensively).

3. There was a sausage sizzle. How many international sports fixtures have a sausage sizzle?

4. There was no loudspeaker. Nice and peaceful.

5. During lunch, there were 6 or 7 games of backyard cricket going on in the outfield.

It was great – there was a large contingent of supporters for Nepal (sorry guys, better luck next time), I knitted nearly a whole sleeve, and I didn’t get sunburnt.

If this sounds like your thing, there’s plenty more games over the next couple of weeks, in Rangiora and Lincoln as well as Christchurch. Check out the schedule here.

If you feel the need to brush up on your facts before going, try this:

Wisden Wisden – The laws of Cricket