I can read speech bubbles!

Graphic Novels have never really been my thing. I read Tintin and Asterix when I was a kid (still do, on occasion), but that was about it. I’ve always liked the idea of being able to create my owm images when reading, that people and places could look however I wanted them to. And, I admit, the speech bubble thing really put me off – I could never get them in the right order.


This week, however, a book arrived at the library that just might change my mind – the first Girl Genius omnibus, featuring Agatha Clay (well, that’s her name now…), a budding inventor whose machines just don’t work. Throw in a despotic ruler, some monsters, a castle that’s really an airship – what more could you want? (except maybe the second omnibus)

You can reserve our copy here – it’s new, it’ll be on the shelf soon. Or, as I discovered with some glee, all the comics are available online as daily instalments.

We have quite a collection of graphic novels in the library, including:

photographer The photographer

persepolis Persepolis

And many more, upstairs in the library at shelf location PN6727 and PN6747.

We also have a growing collection of Māori language graphic novels, shelved downstairs in the Māori and Pasifika Collection at PN6790.N5

If you’d like to try your hand at writing your own graphic novel, we can help:

Writing Writing and illustrating the graphic novel

comic Comic book design