Minor changes to the APA guide – Ask at the Library for the new pages to add to your current APA guide.

Two minor changes have been made to APA Referencing: a guide for Ara Institute of Canterbury Students

  1. When referencing a typical web page, there is no need to include the format description [Website] after the web page title.  This is because the 6th edition of the APA manual  states that the format description is to be used only when the format is not ordinary e.g. [Video blog post]. This change has been reflected on pages 36-37 of the APA guide.
  2. Ebook Library (EBL) has been replaced by ProQuest Ebook Central.  therefore the retrieval statement for ebooks from Proquest Ebook Central is “Retrieved from ProQuest Ebook Central”. This change has been made on pages 19-20 of the APA guide.

If you recently purchased this year’s APA guide then come to the Service Desk in the Library at City and Timaru campuses and we will supply the pages you need to insert into your current guide and help you unbind and rebind your guide if needed.



APA made easy! Really? Yes Really!

noodle tools

(Graphic above supplied by Leonard in Learning Services! )

1. Find this tool on the Learning Services website on their Referencing page under Useful online referencing tools or copy and paste this URL into your web browser’s address bar –  http://www.noodletools.com/login.php 

2. Once you’ve clicked the link select APA to begin


3. Then select the type of resource you are referencing or “citation type” and click “Create citation


4. Fill in the areas as applicable

For example here is part of the entry for a chapter in a book


5. Then click on Submit:


6. Your reference is created.

For example:


 Now you can:

a. Copy and paste your citation into your reference list.

b. Click a  “parenthetical (in-text) reference” to see how to write your in text citation for this reference.

c. Start another citation for your reference list.

7. Once you’ve created your Reference List it’s a good idea to check your entries against the  CPIT APA Referencing guide  or …

8. … you are welcome to ring or email or drop in to Learning Services upstairs in the Library to make an appointment with a Learning Advisor to check over your reference list for extra assurance!

9. Their contact details are below:




Want to sharpen up on your study skills or APA referencing?


Make time this semester to get to one  of Learning Services FREE lunchtime seminars focusing on either Study and Learning techniques (from note-taking through to exam preparation) or  APA Referencing (Why and how to acknowledge the information you use in your assignments). 

Here is the link on Facebook for all these seminars or you can download the timetables below :

Best of luck with your studies in 2013!

Tohea, tohea, ko te tohe i te kai.

Keep on striving as one strives for food. (From Brougham, A.E & Reed, A.W. (1963) Māori proverbs)

Need to use APA referencing but don’t know where to start?

 Come along to one of our FREE lunchtime seminars focusing on APA Referencing (Why and how to acknowledge the information you use in your assignments). 

Thursday August 2, Saturday August 4, or Thursday August 9, 12.05-1 pm, in L202 (upstairs in the Atrium). Bring your lunch, your questions and your classmates!