Queen’s Birthday Holiday – Library closed today, Monday 4 June

Ara Library is closed today as Queen’s Birthday is a statuatory holiday, however if you are wanting to study Ara will be open (swipe access only), including the Pod which is open 24/7 as usual.

New Zealand has ten statutory holidays, of which Queen’s Birthday is one, and whilst a lot of  businesses will be closed, such as Ara, you may however find many shops are open.

The Queen’s birthday is actually on 21 April, but it is celebrated on various dates across the Commonwealth of Nations (of which there are sixteen), to fit with each country’s spread of public holidays.

Queen’s Birthday also sees the announcement of the Honours’ List where the Queen makes appointments to the Order of New Zealand, which includes Orders, Orders of Merit, Dames, Knights, Companions, Officers and more. These appointments are nearly always based on a person’s services to the community or the nation.

We will resume our usual hours from Tuesday 5 June, 7am on.

We hope you have a safe and relaxing long weekend.



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