Want to enhance your study methods? – Try Read & Write Gold 10

read write

This is assistive technology software developed by Texthelp Systems. I came across it when I wanted to format shift a PDF to Word to enable a blind student’s different assistive technology to access the information for audio delivery and Christine in Disability Services showed me how to use it.  (BTW Adobe Acrobat Pro installed in The Pod also performs the shift of PDF to Word but Read & Write in my opinion does it better). Anyway the upshot is that I discovered that Read & Write Gold can do so much more like:

  • Read electronic text such as PDF, ebooks, websites, and documents created in word processing programmes
  • Help writers with predictive spelling , word choice, dictionary and thesaurus features
  • Use voice dictation that also reads aloud what you write to help identify errors

Where do I find Read & Write Gold 10?

This software is available on every machine at CPIT. So make the most of its features if you think it will help in your study.

To find it :

  1. Click on the Windows Start button
  2. In the bottom left search box type “Read”
  3. Select “Read and Write 10” to launch the programme.


4. A ribbon of options is added to your screen

read write

Tutorials on how to use Read & Write Gold 10:

1. The PDF read aloud feature – I noticed a student using this to listen to a journal article we downloaded from a database for her assignment as she said she was an aural learner rather than visual.

How to use PDF aloud from the University of California website.

2. Changing a PDF document into a Word document

How to shift PDF to Word from the University of California website

3. Speechmaker converts any text you select into a sound file so if your tutor has given you a large amount of text to memorise and you are an aural learner you can then save the MP3 output to your preferred audio device and learn while you are out jogging!

How to use Speechmaker – Click the video help at the dropdown arrow next to the Speechmaker icon.


4. Speech input converts the words you speak into a Word document.

How to use Speech input – Click the video help at the dropdown arrow next to the Speech input icon.


5. Spelling is a fancy spellchecker that is cleverer than other spellcheckers I’ve seen.

How to use SpellingClick the video help at the dropdown arrow next to the Spelling icon.


Contact Disability Services at CPIT for more information or assistance with this technology otherwise dive in and teach yourself a  new skill today and enhance your study methods.

Author: Tina - Knowledge Advisor

Knowledge Advisor Learning Resources Ara Whakapiki Ako (AWA) Centre for Educational Advancement Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd

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