Labouring on


This coming Monday (28th October) is Labour Day.

Since 1900, Labour Day has been a public holiday in New Zealand, commemorating the struggle for the 8-hour working day and other worker’s rights. If you’d like to know more about employment rights, responsibilities, and legislation in New Zealand, try one of these:

8 hour day

Top 100 questions and answers on employment law

Employment relationships : workers, unions and employers in New Zealand

Reconstructing New Zealand’s labour law : consensus or divergence?

Essential New Zealand employment legislation


If, on the other hand, you have plans for Labour day that are a bit less political, you might like to try one of these:

Inspirational gardens of New Zealand relaxing

Eco-house manual : a guide to making environmentally friendly improvements to your home

Bourke Street Bakery : the ultimate baking companion

Classic tramping in New Zealand

Or even:

The exam skills handbook : achieving peak performance

Whatever your plans are for the long weekend, have fun, relax, and remember that while the library will be closed on Monday, we’re still open Saturday (10-5) and Sunday (12-5).

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