Te wiki o te reo Māori – 1-7 o Hōngoingoi 2013


Ngā ingoa Māori, Māori names

 This is the theme for Wiki o te reo Māori 2013. (Note: I created the above graphic using Wordle. Why not have a play with Wordle with some of the new ingoa Māori you learn today!)

What’s on in the Library during Te wiki o te reo Māori?

Rātu—Tuesday 2 July—12-1PM

Putiputi making : Come and learn about raranga (Māori weaving) and make a putiputi

flax Weaver : Antoinette Koko.

 Rāapa – Wednesday 3 July—3.30pm – 5pm

Bilingual big screen entertainment. Cartoons, puppets & drama for whānau of all ages.

 popFree popcorn!

Rāpare—Thursday 4 July—10.30am—11.45am

Storytelling in te reo for our younger whānau members. Bring your kuia and koroua

Here are some online resources to help you brush up on your knowledge of ingoa Māori

From Kōrero Māori – Ingoa wahi o Aotearoa – an interactive map with sound files for pronunciation practice.

From Māori Language Commission – A list of place names

From Te Papa Museum of New Zealand – Name of the months in Māori

From Te Karaka:  Issue 43 – An article on ancient Māori placenames in Te Waipounamu (South Island, New Zealand)

And here’s a new app for your smartphone called Kura which you can download from Google Play Store for android phones and from the iTunes store for Apple. Great for those already learning te reo and a fun way to learn  ingoa hou (new  Māori names for things).

And for those who want to do a bit more research into ingoa Māori:

From Land Information New Zealand, the ebook of Ngā tohu pūmahara: survey pegs of the past: understanding Māori place names.

From University of Waikato An index of Māori names including the names of boundaries, Māori individuals, canoes, trees, landmarks and geographical locations compiled about 1925 by the missionary Rev. Henry James Fletcher.

Some books in our Māori Collection

1. Riley, M (2008) Māori place names explained

exploring 2. Janssen, P (2012) Exploring Aotearoa: short walks to explore the Māori landscape

place 3. Lockyer, J(2011) Place names of New Zealand

4. Andersen, J.C. (2000) Māori place names: also personal names, and names of colours, weapons and natural objects

So even if you only learn about one ingoa Māori (Māori name) today

Ahakoa he iti he pounamu!

Although it is small it is a gem!

Author: Tina - Knowledge Advisor

Knowledge Advisor Learning Resources Ara Whakapiki Ako (AWA) Centre for Educational Advancement Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd

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