I believe in Father Christmas

Every year back in Scotland I would complain about how early the Christmas cards would be in the shops and the lights would be switched on (5th of November in Paisley!) and I have therefore been enjoying the lack of forced commercialism here in New Zealand in the past few weeks. However, I do feel a saddening lack of Christmas cheer with the apparent absence of Christmas movies on the box and very few tunes on the radio. So to get me and you into the Christmas mood I thought I would share my top seven (couldn’t think of ten) seasonal music in no particular order, but feel free to comment on which is your No.1.  With a follow-up blog of my top ten Christmas movies to come next week. I know this has little to do with CPIT library, but as it’s Christmas……

7.  In my humble opinion the only decent song Mariah every did, argue at your peril!

6.  This brings a tear to my eye nearly every time. Beautifully sung by Judy Garland in the 1944 movie  “Meet me in St Louis” 

5. The hair!  The jumpers! The smouldering looks!

4. I almost didn’t put the video in for this as Shane MacGowan of The Pogues really is a sight for sore eyes.  

3. I love this song…so dark and moody and about anti-commercialism with fits perfectly into this blog.

2. Couldn’t really have a top ten without this classic…

1. Such a great video, again a bit dark and moody (reoccurring theme!)

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2 Responses to I believe in Father Christmas

  1. vanzijlp says:

    Loved your choice, but what about Snoopy? 🙂

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