Pasifika Collection – New resources – February 2012

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New CD / DVD

Crummer, W. (2011). Shoebox love songs

A CD and DVD combo featuring traditional Rarotongan songs, arranged and performed by Will Crummer, except “Tama ine”, written by Pepe and Sonny Terei ; with additional musicians.

New books:

Moala, K. (2009) In search of the friendly isles

“In search of the Friendly Islands lifts the lid on many contemporary social issues and dilemmas facing South Pacific nations. The issues that led to the unprecedented explosion of violence on 16 November 2006 that resulted in the deaths of eight people and the destruction of 80 percent of the central business district of the Tongan capital, Nuku’alofa, are among topics explored by the book.”

Mila, K. (2008) A well written body

The second collection of poetry by award-winning poet Karlo Mila, accompanied by paintings by Delicia Sampero. The poetry and art focuses on issues (identity, belonging, birth, being a mother, wife and lover) that resonate for both women. The poetry and the artwork were created together, with each artist influencing the other. Karlo Mila is a New-Zealand born Pasifika poet of Tongan, Pakeha and Samoan descent. Delicia Sampero was born in Germany and emigrated with her family to the Hawkes Bay in 1984.

Adams, M. (2010) Tatau: Samoan tattoo, New Zealand art, global culture

Samoan tattoing, or tatau is an ancient Polynesian art tradition and rite of passage that reaches its most powerful expression in the full body male tattoo, the pe’a. Building on the internationally touring exhibition Tatau, this extraordinary series of images by leading photographer Mark Adams documents the story of tatau in the Pacific and its remarkable globalisation.

Mangos, T (2011) Patterns of the past: tattoo revival in the Cook Islands

Patterns of the Past traces the history and practice of tattooing (tātatau) through the ancient oral traditions of the Cook Island people, as well as from reports of early Western visitors and rich archival material. The book looks at the current practices of contemporary Cook Island tattooists, what the tattoos mean and what techniques and instruments are traditionally used. More than 250 colour and black and white images included.

Campbell, I.C (2011) Tonga’s way to democracy

In 2010 after more than a century of oligarchical government Tonga made the bold step to full parliamentary democracy, catching up with the rest of the islands in the  Pacific. This book tells the story of that reform, of the long protest movement that preceded it and how the royal family abruptly espoused democracy.

Author: Tina - Knowledge Advisor

Knowledge Advisor Learning Resources Ara Whakapiki Ako (AWA) Centre for Educational Advancement Ara Institute of Canterbury Ltd

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