CPIT Library supports research

Research Week is drawing to a close for another year.  So it seems like a good time to highlight ways in which the CPIT Library supports research.

All staff who work at the Library’s Information Desk are able to provide general research support including assisting with database searches and taking interloan requests.

For more specialist research assitance we have four Liaiason Librarians. They all have post graduate qualifications and  extensive experience in supporting research. 

Liaison Librarians assist academic staff with the development of effective search strategies, whether using the library catalogue or online journal databases . They will also help with subject searches, literature reviews and the use of Endnote. 

We also have a number of fantastic resources within the library to assist in the research process.  These include:

Handbook of interview research : context & method edited by Jaber Gubrium, James Holstein.

Handbook of action research  edited by Peter Reason and Hilary Bradbury.

Doing qualitative research : a practical handbook  by David Silverman

Starting fieldwork : an introduction to qualitative research in New Zealand  by Martin Tolich and Carl Davidson.

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