New Website

Now that the new website has been up for a wee while, we hope you have had a chance to look around and find all of your favourite bits and pieces again. If not, hopefully you’ve contacted us to get some help!

We thought we’d just point out a few of the newest additions to the site that you may or may not have found on your own.

First, if you are reading this it is hopefully because you found the Library Blog button on the LLIS homepage. Did you know that the top two announcements on the homepage are also the two most recent blog entries? Click on one, and you’ll go straight to the post.

Second, you have hopefully noticed too that you can now search the Library Catalogue directly from the LLIS homepage. It works just the same and you can use all of the usual tips and tricks (+, ?, etc.).  Or, if this is just a bit too different you can still go directly to the Catalogue to start your search. Just click on the double red arrows to the right of the search box or use the ‘Catalogue Search’ button on the lower righthand side of the page.

Finally, have a look through all of the menu tabs along the top of the page. See if you can find everything you usually need.

For instance, most of the Learning Services  handouts can now be found in the Learning Services tab under the Learning and Study Resources heading. Need help with your referencing? Follow the Referencing link under “How can we help with…”.

These are just a few of the changes made to the website. We hope that you have not only managed to find all of your usual pages and resources but that you have maybe found some new things or resources that you’d forgotten about!

Have we missed anything?

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